Legend, inspirational – just some of the words used to explain Sir Ian Botham by those all-rounders who strove to follow in his footsteps.
Botham ripped 383 wickets and scored 5,200 runs in 102 Tests but his own character and swagger were equally inspirational, epitomised by his heroics at Headingley.
That show spawned a generation of cricketers who desired to be just like’Beefy’, such as Dominic Cork, therefore we delivered him to monitor former cricketers who attempted to measure into the sneakers of Botham and asked them to your memories of Sir Ian.
Click on the video over to watch donations from England’s man-of-the-summer Ben Stokes, Chris Lewis, Phillip DeFreitas, Craig White and also Derek Pringle, that made a Headingley wonder of his very own!
Topics discussed within the video include….
– How players managed the transition from seeing Botham as their hero to getting his team-mate – and even his room-mate!
– The difficulties of dealing with being compared about the pitch to Beefy and being judged by his own standards
– how Stokes compares with ball and bat, and also Why we are unlikely to see the following all-rounder in the mould of Botham
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